We can exchange in a better way ;)


The Money system that brings joy and fun among us :)

Why D2A ?

Increases Liquidity among us
Increases Added Value
Increases Sales
Focus on Quality
Environmentally friendly

What can be exchanged ?

All goods and services can be exchanged with this Money system.

How is it working ?

Every participant pays 8% monthly costs on the average balance state in his/her wallet. This encourages everyone to spend Money instead of holding it. Out of that reason the Money starts to flow which increases the Liquidity and the Sales. Now, as Money is not any more the issue, we naturally start to focus on Quality and on the Environment which raises Add Value, too.


When we trust we feel relaxed and abundant. The TRUST comes with consecutive positive experience of getting Money over and over again. This is what the participants experience using Dance2Abundance for exchange.

When we trust we also make positive decisions for ourselves and others. Our state of being changes from being selfish to being caring.

My promise

I promise that I will continue developing the system, making it more user-friendly and keeping it fully transparent and simple.

I am aware that there might happen some minor negative experiences because this is how it goes - until we don’t get to the problem we can't see the solution.

Solution for our Planet

The only way to preserve the Planet is to change ourselves and this is what Dance2Abundance does. We simply drop obsessions and start buying local, quality and uniqueness which create a larger added value and massively lower the quantity (waste).

Mobile App

Simply download from App Store or Google Play. Register and start exchanging.

If you want to gain a better understanding of how the system works check out our YouTube channel.

Laws and Taxation

The system is simply beautiful because it gives you the power to decide how you want to use it. The paradox of this system is that it fits perfectly into the existing legalisation and taxation and at the same time it does not fit at all. We recommend you to use it in a positive manner, otherwise it will harm you. What goes around comes around.

Get in touch

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Thank you

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